Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Many of those who are sporting tree tattoo designs are most likely not aware of the fact that different trees mean different things to different cultures, religions and race. Like any tattoo you may want to put on your body, remember that tree tattoo designs must mean something deeper. It has to go beyond aesthetics. There are many nice looking trees but few stand for something significant. Below are some of those trees.
Tree Tattoo Designs #1: Ash Tree
Ash is used by different sports such as baseball for their bats and other tools. It is also used in furniture and flooring. Its a beautiful tree with its white wood and straight which makes it look soft but proud. The green leaves that turns red, yellow and purple during the fall make it even more beautiful. However, more than its aesthetic, it is important to note that it symbolizes sacrifices humans do for the people they love. It is a melancholic tree.
Tree Tattoo Designs #2: Aspen Tree
Aspen tree is just as tough as Ash Tree is soft. It symbolizes courage to overcome ones greatest fears. This may due to the fact that no other trees with broadleaf may be found in the Rocky Mountains. They can survive and live healthy for more than a hundred years. It is also a survivor and adaptable. In fact, they grow by mature trees shooting sprouts from their own roots.
Tree Tattoo Designs #3: Bonsai Tree
Bonsai tree is known to symbolize inner peace and the unity of the body and spirit. The practice of growing bonsai started in Chine and was eventually adapted by the Buddhists in Japan. The elegance of the shape they create to an otherwise randomly shape plant became a symbolism of the spiritual courage and strength to shape their life according to their own will.
Tree Tattoo Designs #4: Birch Tree
If you are looking for something that will stand for beginnings or a new life, the Birch tree is for you. The name itself means white and shining. In the olden days, it was worshipped in Russia due to its stunning look that is almost impossible to be compared to any other tree. The yellow trunk and green tree makes it look like a fairy from afar.
Tree Tattoo Designs #5: Cedar Tree
This is Pakistans national tree because it is not just beautiful but also useful. It is used as an organic anti-oxidant in many Asian countries. In India, it is believed to be a timber of the gods. It symbolizes healing or overcoming trials in life.
Tree Tattoo Designs #6: Cherry Tree
Cherry tree is an interesting tree because it is something like a phoenix. It stands for both death and rebirth. It is a good tattoo for those who feel like they are leaving an old self and old life behind to start anew. They are also considered valuable because they provide both food and ornaments.
There are many other trees with different symbolisms. However, it is best to know what you intend for your tattoo to mean before searching for the appropriate tree tattoo designs.