Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wolf tattoos have held the interest of body art enthusiasts for many years just as the real animal has done.  There are many reasons people are attracted to this mysterious animal.  Some feel that the wolf represents the individuality of a member of a larger group as in the lone wolf while others respect its instinctual nature to shy away from conformity.  Many are attracted to the howling at the moon symbol for all creatures feel that urge, even us humans.  It is also extremely difficult to tame a wolf; some are attracted to this feature.  Wolves have been recognized for all these meanings throughout time.

Ideas for Wolf Tattoos

White Wolf Tattoos White wolf tattoos are very popular in the tattoo world. The white wolf uses its coloring to gain an advantage for hunting and evading detection in its snowy environment. For white wolf tattoos ideas try a white wolf standing behind the base of a small tree hiding half of the body and face, the grey and black tree and single blue eye and black nose will stand out nicely.
Celtic Wolf Tattoos Celtic wolf tattoos can represent family and strength in an eye pleasing design for both men and women. Try a double knot pattern in a band style with a wolf in a walking side stance with its head down as if its tracking something. For smaller Celtic wolf tattoos try the lone wolf tattoos in Celtic style in a small to medium size pattern.  Use a different color other than black, say dark green for the lace work of the wolf representing its connectedness to the earth.
Moon and Wolf Tattoos Moon and wolf tattoos capture that perfect fantasy image of the lone wolfs beauty caught in the full moons light. Try inking a wolf with its front legs on a small log to raise the head in to the bottom on the full moon. Try slight shades of purple in the moon for a celestial look. Moon and wolf tattoos, if youre looking for meaning, ladies offer the best of both worlds.  You have the potential for a mother and the moon representing the goddess in all of us.
Black Wolf Tattoos Black wolf tattoos are often tattooed to bring out the mischievous or rebel natured side of your personality. These tattoos often are seen in a menacing appearance to grab your attention. As a black wolf tattoos idea try a head shot of the black wolf looking at you, with fangs showing and in the black of the eyes the reflection of the full bright moon. If you want larger themed black wolf tattoos, consider a back tattoo with a pack of wolves, say four or five overlapping for depth with the black wolf leading the pack.  He would of course appear to be running out of your back.
Womens Wolf Tattoos Womens wolf tattoos can send a strong message about motherhood. The mother wolf is well known to be a great nurturing and loving parent but if you cross that fine line with the pups, there will be hell to pay. For a womans wolf tattoo idea;  a close up of a front view of the wolf face with one half in the normal non threatening look with the second half showing a little teeth and snarl for a warning to back off. Use your eye color to personalize the tattoo, mom.
Lone Wolf Tattoos Lone wolf tattoos represent that strong desire to go it alone in life. Some people will only, hike, ride motorcycles, work, drink and more than likely get their lone wolf tattoo by them self. Its not a bad thing its just how they operate. Ideas here for  lone wolf tattoos could be a lone wolf on top of a ridge in low morning sun light overlooking the lights of a small mountain town or even the popular wolf s head in great detail with a small ribbon banner below it with the word  Lone Wolf.  Because lettering tattoos are so popular now days, you may to consider spelling out lone wolf in your favorite font or tribal art.
Tribal Wolf Tattoos Tribal wolf tattoos are popular with both men and women. The solid beliefs behind the meanings and great looks delivered in this design cant be denied. With meanings like loyalty, devotion, family, honor and wisdom you can see the appeal. Try a tribal razor wire pattern of the wolf head in a howling position. This design will look great in an armband or leg band.
Howling Wolf Tattoos Howling wolf tattoos are one of the most popular wolf tattoos out there. Not only do the look great but they also stir your mind with thoughts of the mysteries that lie in wait in the pitch black dark. Ideas here could be the silhouette of the wolf in the moon with leafless tree branches in the tattoo as well. This tattoo idea would illustrate the dark cold winter of life.

Coloring, Sizing and Placement of Wolf Tattoos

Colors for wolf tattoos will be all over the pallet. Wolves are seen with the colors, white, black, grey, brown, blue, yellows, green and red. Moons are seen with the colors, white, light yellow, light purple and grey. Celtic wolfs are seen dark ink just like the tribal wolf, but adding color brings it to life. Back ground colors for wolf tattoos can be true to life or fantasy.
Sizing and placement of your wolf tattoos depend on how much skin you have to devote. All of the wolf tattoos talked about above look great in any size. Small wolf tattoos look good on the neck, forearm, hand and lower leg. Larger wolf tattoos work well on the back, shoulder, upper arm, chest, waist and legs. Be sure to look at the galleries and discuss any questions you have with your tattoo artist in detail, and once finished enjoy your wolf tattoos.